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Welcome to my blog. Here you can discuss on any topics. Since I am into development I categorized into Web and Software development. If you want to discuss on anything general you can discus in that section below.


Best programming languages to learn

When trying to decide which programming language makes the best career path, developers typically look for these four traits: High salary Popularity — plenty of job openings, variety Tendency to become more in-demand in the future Preferably easy to learn and pleasant...

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Make your own website

What do you need to make your own website? This post is for anyone looking to start a business, running a business, freelancing or just trying it out. I’m going to show you what you need to do to make your own website. A...

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Angular vs React vs Vue

Deciding on a JavaScript framework for your web application can be overwhelming. Angular and React are very popular these days, and there is an upstart which has been getting a lot of traction lately: VueJS. What’s more, these are just a few of the new kids on the...

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I got a special interest for the past few months which is gardening. So I started building own garden in our balcony. Please check my blog about it here . Checkout my youtube video:  

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Selling Products Online

Read this article about "Selling Products Online" and give your feedback For every single shop owner, businessman or any individual, their desire is to sell their products / services online. They always think that selling online will bring them more business. Nowadays...

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