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For every single shop owner, businessman or any individual, their desire is to sell their products / services online. They always think that selling online will bring them more business. Nowadays it has become very preferred way of doing business due to the fact that the reach of the internet is very large. And reaching customers will be easy and it would be faster.

Every nuke and corner of the world uses internet. It has become common for people use their smartphone, laptop or their PC to order their products / services sitting at home. So, this has given a huge opportunity for businessman to sell their product to bigger geographical space.

With companies like Amazon, eBay, flipKart, Alibaba etc. reaching the product to the individual who resides in a remote area is extremely possible. Earlier it was a big concern for the businessman to ship the product if they get the order. With these companies it has become very easy that they take care of the shipping and payments. We need to pay them a nominal charge and they will give a platform to sell.

The other way of selling products online is to create a website for you / your company and show case your products there. When your customer visits your website and really wants to buy the product / service they can purchase it.

Developing your website benefits your business branding. But you may not reach to customers that easily due to the reason that people won’t know your website. You might do a very good  Search Engine Optimization to reach the people. Although it takes a while, with good optimization you can reach people within certain period.

On the flip side, with personal website the cost of making will be more like you need to put up all pages, you need to integrate the payment module, you need to install a shipping module, you need to have a stock management like admin etc.

It is better idea to register with the ecommerce site like Amazon, eBay, flipKart, Alibaba etc like mentioned before. Once you get the customer create your own site and direct the customer to buy from your website.

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